Turkey Cheddar Spinach Dip + Great Tastes of Manitoba

This party approved appetizer, aptly called Turkey Cheddar Spinach Dip, mixes the flavours of delicious turkey breast, smoked cheddar, aged cheddar and fresh spinach. It’s easy to throw together which makes hosting a holiday bash all the more easier! Plus, this recipe was featured on TV, so you know it’s […]

Great Tastes of Manitoba + Turkey Borscht

Looking for a soup recipe that is sure to please this Fall? Why not try Turkey Borscht, a healthy and delicious spin on an affordable classic. Turkey Borscht is hearty and  is packed with root veggies, a flavourful broth and roasted turkey thighs. Go on, top it with all the […]

How-to Make Mexican Egg + Refried Beans Flatbread

Mexican Egg + Refried Beans Flatbread is a super simple dish that can be served from breakfast to late night snack and everything in between! Simply throw on your favourite Mexican inspired ingredients and top with eggs to enjoy this stunning flatbread.  This post is sponsored by Get Cracking! Although […]

Cheesy Ham + Egg Polenta Ramekins

A fun twist on a french favourite, Oeufs cocotte, Cheesy Ham + Egg Polenta Ramekins bring a bit of Parisian flair to your next family brunch! These affordable and tasty ramekins  are fuss free and a great way to show-off humble ingredients. This post is sponsored by Get Cracking! Although […]

Banana + Brown Sugar Overnight Oats

With the return of Autumn, our mornings just got a whole lot busier. Don’t fret! These Banana + Brown Sugar Overnight Oats are a great way to start your day-off on the right foot. This post is sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Manitoba! Although compensated for my  efforts, all opinions […]

Easy Naan

This Easy Naan recipe results in a surprisingly flavourful flat bread that is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite curry dish. Or, do what I do and eat it unaccompanied when those carb cravings kick in. No yeast needed! Oh, hello! It’s about time I published this recipe! I mean, […]

Springtime Egg Drop Soup

With Spring in full bloom, you may find yourself craving quick meals that are healthy, light and fresh.  This Springtime Egg Drop Soup is the perfect solution! Coming together in only a matter of minutes, this delicious egg-based soup uses the best of springtime produce while being affordable to boot!  […]

Simple Rice Pilaf

This Simple Rice Pilaf is a flavourful yet easy dish to throw together for your next BBQ or weeknight meal. Turn humble ingredients into a satisfying and fresh side that compliments grilled fish, chicken or pork. Don’t over-complicate things! Keep it simple, friends! I nearly didn’t post this recipe. Nearly, […]

Whisky Caramel Topping

Looking for a quick, heartfelt and delicious, albeit, last-minute Valentines gift? Make the love of your life (and yes, that can be yourself) a batch of Whisky Caramel Topping. Great for topping brownies, ice cream or whatever your heart desires. Hello, friends! It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? I […]